Even though thousands of people visit Panama City, Florida every year, it can still be considered a “hidden gem” compared to other, more crowded destination spots.

Businesses, locals and visitors here enjoy life at a more relaxed pace. They set aside all pretentions and try-hard ideas to stick with what they know. This down-to-earth attitude fills every aspect of the Panama City beach life, from how we eat to how we relax to how we wind down at the end of a long day of fun.

To find out why so many people are attracted to the sights and activities in Panama City Beach, FL, here are some of the reasons they come back year after year for more:

Beat the Crowds

The biggest appeal of Panama City is its laid-back attitude. Most vacationers get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic trying to head down I-98 to places like Pensacola or Fort Walton. You can skip all of that nonsense and find more affordable hotels, food, drinks and activities by heading to the panhandle instead of heading south.

Even though it gets raucous during Panama City Beach spring break events, the emphasis is on providing quality service, not just trying to get quantities of customers like other destination spots.

Make Some New Friends

Panama City welcomes people of all walks of life. Since so many different types of people come to Panama City, they arrive with an open mind and a keen sense of discovery.

Anyone who comes to Panama City can find some friendly faces that have something in common as well as something new to teach you. Meeting people on the beach, at the hotel, at the park or even in lines is not at all uncommon. In fact, many times people will arrive with a group only to see it swell to ten times its size before they leave.

Fun for Families and People of All Ages

Just because you are not a twenty-something trying to escape campus life does not mean that Panama City is not for you. We have hundreds of businesses aimed at pleasing children and adults who want something more than just a big party.

Places like Pier Park, Shipwreck Island Waterpark and Miracle Strip Amusement park offer rides, shopping and attractions that everyone can enjoy. Coconut Creek Family Fun Park provides mazes, mini golf and other activities that are sure to have you laughing and snapping photos.

Wonderworks Museum is another popular choice for families. The fun, quirky indoor amusement park looks like an upside down building and contains mind-bending experiments and activities. There are countless other stops like these that families and kids will love.

Get in Touch with Nature

St. Andrews State Park is a sprawling 1,200 acre strip of undeveloped beach that is perfect for spotting local wildlife. Shell Island similarly provides an isolated look at the surf and sand that can help your troubles simply float away. There is also Conservation Park, which is perfect for walking trails or having a picnic surrounded by native plants and animals.

You can even get up close and personal with nature at one of the many snorkeling tours and dolphin swims.

Great Food

If you love high quality food, especially seafood, Panama City has you covered. Places like Saltwater Grill and Dee’s Hang Out offer fresh seafood and down-home American cooking at reasonable prices. You can also find rock bottom cheap seafood at places like Gourmet By the Bay next to Pier Park, which serves seafood tacos and beignets for just a couple of dollars apiece.

True seafood lovers can peruse our local fresh markets or take a trip to Apalachicola for oysters that have been caught and shucked that same morning.

With amenities like these, Panama City, FL public beaches and businesses can put a smile on your face that will be hard to take off for weeks to come. Come unwind with us and find out why so many love living life at our pace. Take a look at some of the best vacation rentals Panama City, Florida has to offer to get a great deal and lodge on your own terms.