Panama City Beach in northwestern Florida is one of the most enchanting and exciting destination one could travel, even though it is not known by many, which could also be a very good thing. Having the fortune of traveling there, I was simply impressed by the vibrant atmosphere of this little town along the Gulf of Mexico coast. It offers a lot of things to see and do, from the beaches to the entertainment and thrilling activities. Nevertheless, what is there to be done when it rains and seems that your vacation comes to a stall? We didn’t want to stay inside all day and decided to have fun no matter the weather, visiting the huge Pier Park. Me and my 9 year old son went to the Dave & Buster’s inside the Pier Park of Panama City Beach and ended up having the best time ever.

For those who do not know, Dave & Buster’s is an amazing complex where people can eat, drink, play and watch sports, all in the most inciting atmosphere. We first decided to eat and there are plenty of appetizing things to choose from their menu. Choosing the sliders with wings and crispy fries, as well as the tasty Caesar salad and salmon with spinach and rice, that I had replaced with broccoli, everything was more than delicious, while the service was perfect. The waitress did everything to makes us feel right at home, forgetting about the rainy day outside. My kid was more than excited when we found out the salmon also had $20 game credit, which I think was awesome and gave us an incentive to start experiencing the pleasure of playing.

For a parent who feels the need to relax in a cozy but energetic atmosphere, while the kids are having tons of fun, the Dave & Buster’s is the perfect destination.  After we delighted with the awesome food, we went on for more than 2 hours of fun and excitement in the games section. Although the place was packed with people who also left their beach plans because of the rain, we had no problem finding a lot of console games that game us unforgettable experiences. Dave & Buster’s offers a huge selection of console and other games, including several carnival attractions. Everything went on excellent for the whole duration of our visit, from the amazing atmosphere to service and the cleanliness to the easy access location inside the Pier Park. We cannot wait to have the opportunity to revisit a Dave & Buster’s location as soon as we can.

Address : 15701 LC Hilton Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Phone: (850) 238-3501