One of the best parts about Panama City Beach is that even though we have become popular as a tourist destination, we refuse to exploit this status. You will not find any $6 bottled water or $20+ glorified fast food meals here. Instead, we keep everything down to earth and accessible to anyone who wants to come to the beach and have a good time.

Here are some of the ways that even the most budget-minded families or individuals can enjoy activities in Panama City Beach, FL:

Avoid the Peak Seasons
The laws of supply and demand mean that if 10,000 spring breakers want to book a room in a 300 occupancy hotel, that hotel will charge more since a room becomes a valuable commodity. On the other hand, when that same 300 occupancy hotel has lots of vacant rooms, they will charge less to attract more people and hopefully increase demand.

Setting economics 101 aside, just know that visiting Panama City Beach when the crowds are not around is cheaper and gives you more freedom. You can often find excellent deals around this time, including free room upgrades, room packages that end up giving you a free night’s stay and other incentives that keep people coming through the doors all year round. Florida’s gorgeous weather and white sands will still be here, even when thousands of people are not.

Peak times include:
● Spring break — Mid-March to mid-April
● Summer — Mid-May to early August
● Motorcycle Rallies — Usually held in late October

Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends

Another great economic principle to take advantage of is economies of scale. The more people you bring along, the cheaper the price per person will be.

Find beach condo rentals in Panama City, FL that are big enough to lodge several people and split the costs. Share your condo with another family, or bring along some friends and tell everyone to chip in their fair share.

Wine and Dine Yourself
While there is no shortage of amazing food and affordable drinks in Panama City, you can save some significant cash by bringing your own. Save eating out or buying your drinks for a special occasion, and spend the rest of your trip snacking, eating meals and enjoying beverages at a much cheaper price point.

There are plenty of grocery stores and package stores offering great prices and an amazing selection throughout the city. Many are within walking distance of the beach. Finding vacation rentals in Panama City Florida that have their own kitchen can allow you to prepare most of your own meals and pack a filling but frugal meal on the beach.

Stick to the Cheaper Activities
Some of the best activities in Panama City Beach, FL are also some of the cheapest. Panama City, FL public beaches are free except for parking. Bring your own beach towels, chairs and items like Frisbees and pails to stay entertained without spending an extra dime. St. Andrews State Park has an ultra-low $8 per car entry fee, and it even has campsites for spending a memorable and economical night under the stars.

Other affordable activities you can do include:
● Riding a shuttle to Shell Island
● Learning to surf with Waves 2 You group packages
● Going bowling at Rock-It Lanes
● Enjoying a night out at places under $20 a person like WonderWorks, Emerald Coast Mirror Maze, Race City and Coconut Creek’s all day maze and golf passes for only $18 a piece

Anyone with enough imagination and preparation can have an amazing time in Panama City Beach without breaking the bank. You can also hunt online for amazing discounts, promotions and coupons. Visit our website for a guide to even more activities and ideas that can make your Panama City Beach vacation as fun and affordable as possible.