Good times in Panama City Beach do not end after your day at the beach or the shopping mall is over. The various events in Panama City Beach, Florida, keep up the fun quotient throughout the year. These events showcase the vibrant musical and artistic heritage of the region, and some of these draw crowds from all over the world.

January Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

There are not many restaurants and clubs in Panama City Beach who don’t have events lined up to usher in the New Year. These events include karaoke nights, food festivals, themed parties, and musical soirees.

But the biggest bash of the month is reserved for the 30A Songwriters Festival. This is a three-day annual musical extravaganza that draws hundreds of local and outstation songwriters. Music lovers are treated to over 250 performances featuring original lyrics throughout the duration of the event. This festival takes place in South Walton along the scenic 30A Highway and is without a doubt, one of the most famous of all Panama City Beach concerts.

February Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

February marks the beginning of the spring break festivities in Panama City Beach that continue till mid-April. Panama City Beach is known as the “Spring Break Capital of the World.” Every year, during spring break, thousands of youngsters descend upon the city to bask in the sun, gorge on sumptuous seafood, down chilled cocktails, frolic in the Gulf waters, and party till the wee hours. A plethora of Panama City Beach spring break events are organized during this season to woo the young crowd.

Hammerhead Fred’s hosts the annual Foam Party and the Glow Paint Party where the youngsters get wet or get splashed in wild colors before they make their way to the dance floor to swing and shake the night away. The Beach Bash Music Fest at Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant is also one of the notable Panama City Beach spring break events.

Apart from the spring break festivities, February in Panama City Beach is also a time to soak in the colors and customs of the region. The following events in Panama City Beach, Florida, draw crowds from all over the region and beyond:

  • Panama City Beach Mardi Gras and Music Festival: This is an outing for the whole family. One of the most popular of all events in Panama City Beach, Florida, the Mardi Gras celebrations feature parades, float tours, live entertainment, costume contests, and spectacular fireworks displays.
  • Quilt Show: This annual event is hosted by the St. Andrew Bay Quilters’ Guild to promote an interest in the little-known art of quilt-making. The colorful wares on display showcase the artistic talent abundant in the region while the myriad motifs on the quilts hark back to age-old cultural traditions and native symbolism.

March Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

Come March, and Harrison Avenue in downtown Panama City Beach transforms into a party zone. On the first Friday of every month, from March to November, the Panama City Downtown Improvement Board hosts the Friday Fest. On these days, from around 5:30 pm till around 10 pm, the staid Harrison Avenue dons festive gear with countless food kiosks lining the sides of the streets and live musicians belting out foot-tapping numbers. Temporary stalls selling an array of goods are also put up. It is a family-friendly affair where the kids are kept entertained with games and bounce houses.

April Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

April is a great time to visit Panama City Beach. The skies are clear, the days are warm and sunny, and the nights are pleasantly cool. It is also the month when one of the most celebrated of all Panama City Beach concerts takes place. Below are some of the events in Panama City Beach you must attend if you are around these parts in April:

  • Seabreeze Jazz Festival: Of the various events in Panama City Beach, Florida, the annual Seabreeze Jazz Festival is undoubtedly the most famous. Widely regarded as one of the top 10 jazz festivals in the USA, this weekend-long festival draws tens of thousands of jazz enthusiasts from not only other parts of the USA but also Canada and Europe. Every year, famous jazz artistes and legends of the genre perform here and enthrall the crowds.
  • Gulf Coast Salute: The Tyndall Air Force Base opens its doors to welcome the public to an Open House and an air show during the two days of this event. Elite units of the United States Air Force perform jaw-dropping and hair-raising aerial stunts. You can also peek at military exhibits like fighter planes and learn about and marvel at their capabilities.
  • Gulf Coast Horse Show and Music Festival: This three-day unique event takes place in Frank Brown Park and is a sheer visual delight. Whether you have the knowledge of a horse breeder or don’t know the difference between hooves and paws, you will still be mesmerized by the graceful trotting movements of these majestic animals. Afterwards, bite into the tasty grub at the kiosks, laugh at clown shows, and be enthralled by the live music.

May Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

See more beasts in action in May! The Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally takes place twice a year, on the first weekend of May and October respectively. Marvel at the brute power of the mean machines as they vroom past you, listen to music bands play live, and gobble up sumptuous treats at the roadside kiosks during a week of festivities when Speed is King in Panama City Beach.

July Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

The events in Panama City Beach, Florida, are celebrations of all things sun, sand, and surf, and the Gulf Coast Shell Show is as beachy in spirit as any other festival. It is put up by members of the Gulf Coast Shell Club. They display their catch gathered after weeks and months of shelling and diving excursions, and it is a dazzling and colorful sight! You can also pick up home décor and souvenirs made from seashells at the show.

September Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

Good times reign supreme in Panama City Beach throughout September! The food is finger-licking good. The beer flows freely. The music is heavenly. The following are some of the notable events in Panama City Beach in Florida that take place during September:

  • Schooners’ Annual LobsterFest: This is a must-visit for all lobster fans. During the weeklong celebrations, divers compete to bag prizes for the largest and the heaviest lobsters in different categories. The Lobster Feast features lobsters in all conceivable forms—fried, grilled, sautéed, steamed, broiled, and skewered. Come armed with a hearty appetite!
  • Gulf Coast Jam: The Panama City Beach concerts are high-octane celebrations of music. Come September, and the decibels get even louder! The Gulf Coast Jam is an annual three-day extravaganza dedicated to country music. Every year, the starry line-up of performers consists of country music stalwarts who get the crowds up on their feet in no time at all.
  • Oktoberfest: The Oktoberfest is a beer-lover’s delight. Inspired by its German namesake, this festival attracts many local brewers who offer finely crafted brews. There are food stalls, live music, and plenty of activities for the kids. The atmosphere is boisterous but jolly, like when pals get together to watch a game of baseball over a few mugs of beer.

October Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

Most events in Panama City Beach, Florida, are family affairs. Those that take place during the balmy month of October are no different:

  • Central Panhandle Fair: This event is a golden oldie that has not lost its sheen throughout the 20-odd years it has been taking place. Apart from the rides, games, food, and music, the Central Panhandle Fair also features crafts exhibition and a livestock competition. An air of bonhomie hangs around the fair—a reflection of the warmth and cheerfulness of the Panama City locals.
  • Mexico Beach Art & Wine Festival: Calling all art lovers and wine connoisseurs! The Mexico Beach Art & Wine Festival features the finest wines from around the region and creations by talented artists, both seasoned professionals and newbies.
  • The Pirates of the High Seas Fest: Pirates, ahoy! This is another notable event on the Panama City Beach social calendar that attracts families. The fest features a grand parade and a separate parade for the kids, scavenger hunt, live music, and fireworks displays in the evenings.

November Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

The Festival of Nations that takes place in Downtown Panama City is a coming together of cultures from all over the world. For one day in November, Panama City transforms into a truly global village where you can have fluffy Greek pastries and down it with German beer while listening to Scottish bagpipers play lilting music from the Highlands!

December Events in Panama City Beach, Florida

The New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop attracts revelers, young and old, who throng the Pier Park to witness first, 10,000 bouncing balls let loose on the crowds and then, a shining and shimmering 800-pound beach ball lowered gently to kick off the New Year. The ceremony is marked by dazzling fireworks displays and live foot-tapping music.

The many events in Panama City Beach, Florida, attract hordes of visitors. The vacation rentals in Panama City are booked well in advance. After all, everybody wants to stay comfortably after partying away the nights, on their own terms, and without shelling a fortune on accommodation. You can choose a beach condo rental that faces the Gulf to enjoy sweeping views of the emerald waters and easy access to the beachfront action.