If you are an angler, you will fall hook, line, and sinker for a fishing vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida! Here’s why you should go fishing in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The waters of Northwest Florida teem with fish of all sizes, colors, and shapes. Trout, redfish, mackerel, pompano, red snapper, and many more species inhabit the shallow and deep waters of Panama City Beach in Florida. The devout angler can choose to go fresh- or deepwater fishing on a kayak or onboard a fishing vessel. Or he can just throw in the line from the shores. Fishing equipment is easily available for hire while the many fishing charters employ knowledgeable guides who know the waters around here like the back of their hands. They can guide you to secluded fishing sites out in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico where humans are scarce but the catch is plentiful.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Panama City Beach, Fl., and a fishing vacation here promises ample excitement, drama, and suspense. Here’s the low-down on where to go fishing in Panama City Beach, Florida:

Russell-Fields Pier or City Pier

Located at Pier Park on the western flank of the beach, the Russell-Fields Pier is one of the longest piers along the entire stretch of the Gulf of Mexico. It stretches for about 1,500 feet into the waters of the Gulf, giving you access to the prized catch in the deep waters. Fish for Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, pompano, redfish, and flounder after paying a small fee that includes the charges for a fishing license. This sturdy concrete pier is one of the top attractions of Panama City Beach, Florida, and is open 24×7.

M.B. Miller Pier or County Pier

The M.B. Miller Pier is also one of the longest piers on the Gulf of Mexico and measures about 1,500 feet. It is located just across the Pier Park at the site of its predecessor that was damaged during a hurricane. Be assured, the new construction is sturdy and can withstand the battering of winds and waves and the trample of feet of the hundreds of spectators who walk along its stretches every day. From here you can access the bountiful catch that teem the deep waters of the Gulf of Waters without having to rent a boat. Get ready for an energetic tug-of-war with the red snapper, and if you are patient enough, you may even get the better of a sailfish or the elusive tarpon.

The daily fee for fishing includes the cost of a fishing license. The pier is open at all times of the day throughout the week.

Tiller Pier at St. Andrews State Park

There is no dearth of sites for fishing in Panama City Beach. The Tiller Pier at St. Andrews State Park lets you fish in the “crowded” waters of the Gulf of Mexico while enjoying the tranquility and pristine natural environs of the park. Fish for gator trout, several varieties of mackerel, flounder, pompano, and others in these waters.

You just need to pay a fee to enter the park; fishing is free. The pier is open till sunset.

The Grand Lagoon

The historic Grand Lagoon area of Panama City Beach, Florida, is also a popular fishing spot. The protected waters around here harbor many different species of fish. You can fish here only from the pier at St. Andrews State Park. The pier extends 215 feet into the lagoon, but there is no dearth of catch from here. Enjoy the serenity of the St. Andrews State Park and the soothing sight of the deep blue vistas in front of you as you wait for the redfish to catch your bait.

The pier is open from morning till sundown.

Deep Sea Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

The emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico offer ample opportunities to go deep sea fishing for snapper, grouper, amberjack, and blue marlin. There are plenty of fishing charters in town to take you out into the open where it is just you, the vast waterscape, and the fish. Try bottom fishing. Explore blue water trolling. Come back with your fresh catch, grill it, and enjoy a sumptuous dinner washed down with a cool drink.

Inshore Fishing and Kayak Fishing

Panama City Beach is an angler’s paradise. And you don’t even have to venture out very far from the shore to find the fish. Inshore, the many creeks and waterways hide unlikely fishing spots where you can catch a bounty of snapper, flounder, and grouper. The flats of West Bay teem with redfish.

Panama City Beach also offers bottom fishing opportunities surprisingly close to the shoreline. You don’t need a boat to make a grab at this catch; a kayak will suffice. Hop into one and paddle away in search for a smoker ring. The smoker ring is one tough catch, and you will enjoy the contest!

Throw in oodles of convenience and comfort into your fishing vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida, to make it memorable. Stay in one of the many vacation rentals in Panama City that dot the coast. You can be near the fish, prepare your own seafood platter from the fresh catch, and enjoy it in the cozy environs of your vacation rental as you watch the sun go down in a burst of colors.