We love visiting Florida anytime of the year. The weather is perfect and my kids enjoy going on food trips especially desserts. Each time we go to Panama City Beach, we are always on the look out for confectionary stores and one of our favorites is Kilwin’s. It is just along Pier Park near Dick’s Last Resort. Kilwin’s is one of those places that goes the extra mile to make their customers happy and my kids love it there. The first time we checked out the store, they selected different flavors of ice cream from the 32 delicious flavors available. It was just heaven for my little ones. My husband ordered freshly-brewed coffee and he liked it from the first sip up to the last drop.

Chocolate Fudge at Kilwins Panama City Beach FloridaOne of the popular desserts to try at Kilwin’s Panama City Beach is their fudge. The dessert gurus at the store put on a fantastic show as they make the fudge. The place is large and the outdoor area is also spacious so there’s plenty of room to sit, enjoy and watch the show. Many onlookers are tempted to check out the mouthwatering delights such as the truffles, caramel apples, chocolates and of course, their famous fudge. Personally, I love checking out the assortment of sugar-free ice creams that they have for health-conscious people like me. This dessert café certainly has everything for everybody and we are just in love with the place.

Kilwin’s location is quite ideal if you want to stroll at the beach while licking your favorite ice cream. It is just near the Pier Park entrance which means it is just a few paces from the white sand beach. My children love the store and they even told me they wanted to visit it again for the third time when we return to Florida.

Phone:(850) 230-4177