Panama City Beach attracts a motley group of crowd. There’s the ubiquitous beachcomber and the water sports enthusiast; they spend every moment of their waking hours by the beach or out in the water. The shopaholic flits from one shop to another; he too has an exhausting day, lugging around boxes and bags. The Nature lover and the solitude-seeker are less conspicuous; they prefer to tuck themselves away in the wilderness. The foodie is usually found in one of the many seafood restaurants or oyster bars in Panama City Beach. There are umpteen activities in Panama City Beach, Florida, to keep people with varied interests busy, active, and happy.

After lazing and lounging on the beach, here is a list of the other exciting things to do in Panama City Beach, Florida:

  1. Water Activities in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. The locals don’t just splash around in the warm waters of the Gulf; they ride the waves and take off into the air. Being out in the water—getting wet and tasting the salty spray—is a way of life here.

So what are your options?

Cruising and fishing are some of the most popular water activities in Panama City Beach. The Russell-Fields Pier and the M. B. Miller Pier are the most popular fishing spots here. There are also two fishing piers within the St. Andrews State Park premises. A cruise is the best way to watch the playful dolphins in their natural habitat or gaze at the sun go down in a burst of colors that magically light up the horizon and the waters around you.

There are plenty of dive sites around here; you will have a whale of a time exploring wrecks and reefs and observing the colorful underwater world from close quarters. If you are not an experienced diver, try snorkeling to explore what lies beneath the glistening waters of the Gulf. Speed fanatics can ride the crest of waves with skimboarding, jet skiing, and surfing. Paddleboarding and kitesurfing are slower activities that will let you enjoy the waters at your own languid pace.

Did you ever dream of flying? Here’s your chance to take off in the air, ride the winds, and get a bird’s eye view of the waterscape in Panama City Beach—go parasailing.

Come down to one of the many Panama City, Florida, public beaches, rent your equipment, and set off to explore the Gulf waters and the life in them.

  1. Eco-Tours in Panama City Beach

Nature is largely unspoiled in this region of Florida. If you are a Nature lover, you will be thrilled to know that you can get a glimpse of this pristine natural world and its inhabitants without needing to venture out far from the beaches.

The St. Andrews State Park is home to a rich variety of wildlife. Here you can explore the much-trodden wildlife trails or get off the beaten track to get up, close, and personal with the birds and the beasts. Listen to the myriad cries and cackles of migratory birds. Keep an eye out for the deer that darts and hides amongst the greens. Marvel at the alligators sunning on the banks. You can also go snorkeling and scuba diving. And if the wilderness gets to you, camp here for the night. Nature looks and sounds completely different when darkness descends!

An ecological treasure-trove awaits the Nature lover, the botanist, and the conservationist at Camp Helen State Park. Pristine beaches, a coastal dune lake, marshland, swampy grounds, scrub oak forests, and ancient mesic flatwoods dot the park. Take a walk through the park to marvel at the different colors and forms of Nature.

  1. Wildlife Watch in Panama City Beach

With Nature all around Panama City Beach, can Her creatures be far behind?

Dolphins in Gulf World Marine Park

Dolphins in Gulf World Marine Park

The St. Andrews and the Camp Helen state parks house various exotic birds and beasts. Walk the trails here or head to the Gulf World Marine Park to spend a day getting to know, touching, and playing with creatures from the sea. This is one of the most popular Panama City attractions for couples, kids, families, and anyone who loves interacting with animals. Swim and play with the friendly and cuddly dolphins. See a sea lion training session from close quarters. Watch entertainment shows where dogs, birds, and reptiles are the stars. Become a trainer for a day, help feed and train the dolphins, and make a guest appearance on their show. A trip (or as many as your heart desires) to the Gulf World Marine Park is your once-in-a-lifetime experience to interact with animals, learn about their habitats and their challenges in the wild, and appreciate the beauty and fragility of Nature.

  1. Dining in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a food lover’s paradise. From hole-in-the-wall joints and tiny beachfront shacks to elegant and sprawling fine dining establishments, the restaurants in Panama City Beach serve some of the most delectable seafood dishes on the planet. If you are a foodie, you have come to the right place!

The Tastiest Seafood in the Region

The Tastiest Seafood in the Region

Michael’s Restaurant, Firefly, Schooners, and Saltwater Grill are some of the best restaurants in Panama City Beach for seafood. Grouper, shrimp, lobster, tuna, or crab—whatever be the dish you order, be assured it will come to your table fresh with the perfect blend of spices and sauces. If you are on the lookout for fresh Apalachicola oysters—raw, baked, or fried—head to Dusty’s, Hunt’s, or Gene’s oyster bars.

Lip-smacking food. Friendly ambience. Live music. Service with a smile. Dining in Panama City Beach is a journey for the soul and the senses.

  1. Shopping in Panama City Beach

Shopping is one of the favorite tourist activities in Panama City Beach, Florida. And the must-visit destination for shopping in Panama City is the Pier Park. Spread over 900,000 square feet, this lifestyle and entertainment hub houses more than a hundred stores of leading national and local brands. From jewelry to designer wear, from the latest electronic toys to fashionable accessories, and from souvenirs to trendy footwear—Pier Park has something for everyone. The mall also houses several eating joints where you can recharge your batteries before launching into another round of shopping and splurging.

  1. Sunset Watch in Panama City Beach
Sunset in Panama City Beach

Sunset in Panama City Beach

A sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is a spectacular sight. The Panama City, Florida, public beaches face west, so you have front-row view of the drama that Mother Nature puts up for you every day during sunset. Go on a sunset cruise, one of the most popular tourist activities in Panama City Beach, to see a gorgeous sunset unfold over the vast waterscape. Or walk right to the far end of the many piers that jut out into the Gulf of Mexico to see a sunset.

Choose to stay in one of the beach condo rentals in Panama City, Florida, that face the Gulf with units that open out into the ocean. You can watch a sunset on every day of your Panama City Beach vacation without stepping out. Also choose a vacation rental in Panama City Beach, Florida, that is conveniently located near the major tourist attractions of the region. You can then step out and indulge in the popular tourist activities in Panama City Beach, Florida, whenever you wish.