Panama City Beach calls itself “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches.” Anyone who has been to the public beaches in Panama City, Florida, will vouch for the truth of this title. The Panama City, Florida, public beaches stand out even amongst the stunners that dot the Florida coastline.

Here’s the low-down on the 5 best beaches in Panama City, Florida:

  1. Shell Island: The Best Panama City Public Beach to Discover Unspoiled Nature

Shell Island is a nature lover’s paradise which is also one of the best of panama city public beaches. Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the St. Andrew Bay, this is an island of gently undulating sand dunes, vast stretches of dense coastal scrublands, and inland lakes with sparkling and shimmering waters. Shell Island is home to deer, shorebirds, and ghost crabs. Several endangered species of animals like the loggerhead and green sea turtles, snowy plovers, and piping plovers are also found here.

Shell Island is one of the most secluded beach getaways in Florida. There are no food and drinks kiosks and restrooms on the beach. Without picnic tables, shaded pavilions, and trash bins thronging the beachfront, the sands here are the most pristine you will find anywhere.

Come here if you want to escape the urban buzz and into the lap of Nature. Or come here if you want to travel back to your childhood—pick shells (The beach is littered with them.) and build sand castles without a care in the world.

  1. Andrews State Park Beach: The public Best Beach in Panama City for Wildlife Gazing

If you are on the lookout for activities in Panama City Beach, Florida, spend a day at the St. Andrews State Park beach!

The St. Andrews State Park beach consistently gets ranked amongst the best and the most beautiful beaches of the US. Situated within the ambits of the sprawling state park, the beach offers ample wildlife gazing opportunities. There are deer, alligators, and colorful migratory birds along the meandering trails near the beach. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling for some close encounters with the exotic marine creatures of the region. The anglers amongst you are certain to land some prize catch in the waters around here.

The St. Andrews State Park beach is the perfect beach getaway for those who want to do more than just laze in the sun. The beach is a haven for almost every kind of activity seeker. If you are not into water sports, hike along the well-trodden trails around the beach area. If you want to spend a day out in the water, contemplating quietly or just soaking up Nature’s bounties, hire a canoe or a kayak. In the meantime, your kids will be sure to have a whale of a time splashing about in the calm waters along the St. Andrews Pass.

  1. Camp Helen State Park Beach: The Best Beach in Panama City for Eco-Tours

A day out in the midst of Nature is a reminder of the beauty and fragility of Mother Earth. The Camp Helen State Park beach is an ecological wonder and draws nature lovers and ecologists alike.

Beachcombers will love the pristine sands of the Camp Helen State Park beach. After soaking up the sun, you can walk along the many trails near the beach. These paths will take you through dense scrub oak forests, past basin swamps and depression marshes, into ancient mesic flatwoods, and near vast stretches of marine unconsolidated substrate. There are not many places on Earth with such a dense concentration of diverse ecological communities.

You can rent a boat to go out into the open waters to admire the unique natural landscape of the park. Fishing is allowed in designated spots.

  1. Schooner’s Beach: The Best Beach in Panama City to Watch Sunsets

Rich red. Deep scarlet. Vibrant orange. Dazzling yellow. The setting sun goes down in a brilliant burst of colors, painting the horizon in rich hues and casting a warm glow on the landscape around. There is no better place to watch a sunset than on the beach where the vast expanse of water in front of you and the open skies above provide the canvas for Nature to paint her masterpiece.

Of all the Panama City, Florida, public beaches, the Schooner’s beach is the best place to watch sunsets. The beach here offers uninterrupted Gulf views. At the Schooners Last Local Beach Club, unwind and celebrate a day well spent with fellow beachcombers over a plate of sumptuous delights and some cool drinks, accompanied by live music.

  1. Club La Vela Beach: The Best Beach in Panama City for Clubbing

What comes to your mind when you dream of a beach vacation? Days of lazing on the beach and evenings spent partying under the starry skies listening to the waves lapping up against the shore. Come to the Club La Vela for an evening of unadulterated fun, music, and dancing that will spill into the wee hours!

The Club La Vela beach is one of the most vibrant clubbing destinations in the Panama City Beach area. This trendy nightclub is the scene of many Panama City beach concerts. It is also a favorite haunt of youngsters who throng here during the Panama City spring break events. With 48 bar stations, 11 theme rooms for parties, and a capacity of more than 6000, Club La Vela is definitely one of the most hip and happening places in Panama City Beach.

The best public beaches in Panama City, Florida are sprinkled along 27 miles of beautiful sands. There are almost countless access points to these beaches. If you want to stay in vacation rentals, Panama City Beach, Florida, has plenty on offer. These luxurious beachfront condo rentals provide easy access to the beaches and also bring in the outdoors with sweeping views of the ocean.