While enjoying the most delightful holiday in the beautiful town of Panama City Beach on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, there are plenty of things to see and do, including a lot of options to have a delicious meal and a rest from all the sun and enjoyment. Couple of miles from the beaches and easily reachable and accessible, the Egg and I restaurant made for the perfect experience. We went there as a family, with my husband and our two children, to enjoy a nice meal in between relaxing by the beaches and exploring the attractions of Panama City Beach. All I can say is that the experience was excellent, if not outstanding, considering the perfect service, delicious food and pleasant atmosphere.

Located along the Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach, not too far from the amazing beaches of this resort town, the Egg and I restaurant serves probably the best breakfast and lunch in the area, not to mention the wonderfully pleasant ambiance that this aery place has. It creates a very cozy and relaxed feel for people who wish to taste their delicacies, especially the trademark egg specialties. I ordered a chicken apple sausage scramble which was simply awesome, my husband ended up with a delightful custom omelet with bacon, sausage, ham, cheese and jalapenos, while our son chose the chocolate pancakes from the children’s menu, which he loved so much that he asked for more.

These were not the only inciting things in the menu, as we had a hard time choosing a favorite meal. The restaurant offers a wide selection of breakfast and lunch options, as well as special treats for the children, which I found very helpful. Apart from the delicious food, the Egg and I restaurant has an excellent service, our waitress being extremely nice and helpful, while the restaurant and the bathroom were very clean and spacious, with enough room to feel comfortable and relaxed. Overall, this was one of the best breakfast places I have visited in a while and would warmly recommend it for anyone who arrives in the charming Panama City Beach area.

Address: 1114 Thomas Dr, Panama City, FL 32408

Phone:(850) 249-5200