Spring break happens only once a year. Make the most of your chance to kick back in the sand and sun with some of the experiences Panama City has to offer. Whether you are hanging out with dolphins or 4,000 other partiers, the electric atmosphere and friendly people are sure to have you counting down the days until next year’s spring break.

Here are some of the best Panama City events to make your trip as incredible and memorable as you can:

Club La Vela

Without a doubt, Club La Vela is the #1 hot spot on the beach. This club is one of the largest in America, and it plays host to some buzzworthy names throughout the spring break season. MTV, Playboy, Lil’ Wayne, Drake and a host of other celebrities have all made a splash with their appearances and Panama City beach concerts. The club boasts several decks, themed party rooms and even a private MTV Tower for guests who want the true VIP experience.

Sharky’s Beach Club

Sharky’s takes the beachside bar to a whole new level by having the action happen right on the sand. Grab a drink at the world famous Tiki Hut and enjoy their afternoon live Panama City beach concert jam sessions. They also serve up seafood and other hot meals until 2 am. At night, live DJs perform as the crowd pulses with energy and excitement.

Shell Island

If all the crowds start getting to you, you can catch a breather on Shell Island. The Shell Island Shuttle runs from 9 to 5, letting beachcombers get a little private time between them and mother nature. Take your group there for an afternoon and let your troubles wash away as you stare into the waves without another person in sight.

Panhandle Helicopter Tours

While it would take many return visits to officially see all of Panama City beach, you can make speedy progress by taking in most of it from hundreds of feet up in the air. Panhandle Helicopter Tours offers you and two of your friends a chance to soak in the gorgeous sweeping panoramas of the beaches in Panama City, Florida and the Emerald Coast.

Tour packages can range from a simple trip to the boardwalk and back to a flyover of Shell Island to a complete tour of the beaches and coast. You can even customize your voyage to see your favorite spots in ways you never imagined.

Water Planet Dolphin Swims

Water Planet offers boat tours and snorkeling dolphin swims for people of most ages. The group has an extensive knowledge of the local marine ecosystem, and they can take you wherever you need to go to have your ideal ocean animal encounter. Their dolphin swim packages are renowned for giving people a transformative experience and a lifetime’s worth of lasting memories.

Hammerhead Fred’s

After you have partied on the beach, soared above the land and swam with dolphins, you may wonder if there is anything you have not seen yet. Hammerhead Fred’s wild and raucous theme parties will answer you a resounding “no!”

This red-hot club is famous for its foam dance parties and paint dance parties. Let your inhibitions go, and get covered from head to toe in foamy suds or neon paint, then dance your troubles away. You may wake up wondering why you look like a Picasso, but the exhilarating experience will be well worth it.

These ideas are just a taste of the activities in Panama City Beach, FL for spring break goers. Try to take in as much as you can, but be sure to come back next year or in the summer to become a true PCB guru, made wiser by many days of partying and happy times.

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