If you’re looking for exciting attractions on an affordable fun Florida beach vacation, check out ZooWorld. Animal lovers are sure to be drawn to the zoological and botanical conservatory. Though ZooWorld still operates like an old style zoo where the animals are housed in concrete floored cages or small pens and small enclosures, they were kept extremely clean. It was such beautiful scenery to behold. After a long, sunny day on the beach, we decided to take a break and stop by.

The grounds were a little small compared to other zoos; it offered us tons of shade, which we appreciated after spending so much time in the sun. They were a great variety of animals and the animals were in a really great shape. We had lots of fun feeding the animals and watching kids have the fun of their life. They also had an awesome playground where kids can take a break on and have fun.

It was a really pleasant atmosphere and the employees were very friendly. It was quite obvious the employees truly cared for the animals and they fed them well. There were lots refreshments and many shaded areas for people to rest.

We loved the intimacy of the various exhibits here and it was much more interactive than what you would experience at many larger zoos. We took pictures with a reindeer. The highlight for me was the lemur encounter, as you can get the chance to pet and possibly hold them depending on their mood.

So long as you wished to and were ready to part with a smallfee, you would experience up close and personal encounters with the lovely animals. I also patted a sloth and rubbed his fur, petted a skink and held a cockatoo. Oh! Yes! We met a wolf but surely didn’t need an up close and personal encounter. Maybe next time, when I have my wolf skin on, I’d give it a try.

Clean enclosures for the animals. We saw an impressive collection of alligators. It was really fun watching people pet a sloth, hold an alligator, snuggle a lemur, meet a giraffe, feed the birds, belly rub a lemur, and feed a Llama among other things.

Beautiful, colorful and exotic birds by the hundreds made the atmosphere so cool and pleasant. We also had a friendly guide who took us around and showed us how to interact with the variety of animals. We will definitely come back.

Address: 9008 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, USA
Phone: +1 850-230-1243